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early learning for the whole family

Clap Into Kindergarten® provides all the resources that children and their caregivers require to navigate the ever changing early learning landscape.  Established during a time when parents entered a virtual classroom, we are your expert at engaging children both virtually and in person.  From one-on-one enrichment to the classroom, we write our way to personal achievement.  Our enthusiastic style is one of patience, creativity, flexibility, and fun!

Meet the Owner Emily Hayes


Emily Hayes is a kindergarten teacher at a small private school in Durham, NC. She received her Master’s in Education and Inclusion from the University of Rochester and has worked in classrooms with a variety of physical abilities and neurodiversity. Emily has led a Kinder CrewTM for ten years! Emily fell in love with teaching handwriting and has created her own company, Clap Into Kindergarten® to support young learners during the onset of virtual learning. Emily is a Google certified educator and a Level I certified handwriting specialist. A few fun facts: she loves eating watermelon with salt, reorganizing furniture, and traveling. She resides in Cary, NC with her husband and two children.

Our Services

Clap Into Kindergarten®

Kindergarten readiness family support

Clap Into Subjects

One-on-one language arts and math enrichment
(pre-K – 2nd grade)

Clap Into Handwriting

One-on-one handwriting enrichment (print and cursive)

Clap Into Courses

Handwriting enrichment courses 

Clap Into Class

Educator Support

Clap Into Education

School choice education and support for preschool and elementary school

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Clap Into Kindergarten

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